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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Network Attached Storage ( NFS ) do you use?

Network File Systems (NFS): This protocol is regularly used on Linux and UNIX systems. As a vendor agnostic protocol, NFS works on any hardware, OS, or network architecture. Server Message Blocks (SMB): Most systems that use SMB run Microsoft Windows, where it’s known as "Microsoft Windows Network.”

What's the difference between a Nas and a NFS?

One that we get questions about often revolves around the difference between NAS and NFS. NAS is a type of network design. NFS is a type of protocol used to connect to a NAS. Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a device that allows users to access files through a network.

How does Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) work?

Network-attached Storage (NAS) Stores virtual machine files on remote file servers accessed over a standard TCP/IP network. The NFS client built into ESXi uses Network File System (NFS) protocol version 3 and 4.1 to communicate with the NAS/NFS servers. For network connectivity, the host requires a standard network adapter.

Do you need a mount point for NFS?

The NFS storage target needs to have been configured to export a mount point that is accessible to the ESXi hosts on a trusted network. For more details on NFS storage options and setup, consult the best practices for VMware provided by your storage vendor.

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