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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum length for a network cable?

Although the maximum recommended length for network cables is around 300 feet, extra-long cables are most practical when they are between 50 and 200 feet in length. Mbps and Gbps are abbreviations that express the rate of data transfer through the network cable. Most people visualize this property as speed.

How long can a network cable be?

The maximum length depends on a couple of things such as the transmission speed and the Category of twisted-pair LAN cable being used. Typically, for 10/100/1000 mbps links, 100 meters (approx. 300 ft.) is the maximum length for cables with Cat5e or better.

What is the longest Ethernet cable length?

The longest total length for ethernet is 100m, or just a bit over 300 feet. That is for pure cable lengths between any device that would regenerate the signal, such as a switch or hub.

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