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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct size wire for 60 amp service?

Size of wire for 60 amps should be minimum 6 square mm. #6 AWG should do the trick. It will though, also depend on the wire insulation, distance to the panel and also the duty cycle of the appliance.

How to calculate the cable size?

Here are 5 steps: Find the OD measurement of a single conductor of one of the wires. This measurement will probably be in inches or millimeters. Utilize a standard formula to calculate the cross-section area of that one wire using the area formula for a circle, i.e., area equals the square of the diameter multiplied ... Count the number of wires in the bundle. More items...

How to calculate cable bundle diameter?

To determine the wire bundle diameter when using wires of different sizes, follow these steps: Determine the number of wires in the wire bundle. Find the diameter of the wires in the Wire & Cable section of this catalogue. Calculate the cable bundle outside diameter by using the method shown below.

How do you calculate electrical wire size?

Always draw out the problem. Calculate the horizontal distance (s): Left to right straight calculation Right to left straight calculation Left to right angle or U pull calculation Right to left angle or ... Calculate the vertical distance (s): Top to bottom straight calculation Bottom to top straight calculation Top to bottom angle or U pull calculation Bottom to top angle or ... More items...

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