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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Unique Porting code or UPC mean?

UPC or Unique Porting Code is a code used to port a mobile number from one network to another, or simply it will help you switch mobile service providers. Here we will check the details about the Unique Porting Code, which includes most of the frequently asked questions about that such as, Use of Unique Porting Code? How to get UPC for the SIM?

What happens when you get a new UPC code?

Once the current operator has processed the UPC code, then there is no issue. Otherwise, you need to get a new porting code with a new validity to start the process again. Suppose the Porting Code has been processed, you will get a message from the new operator regarding the status.

How can I check the status of my UPC?

Log into My UPC to see a detailed view of the status of all your subscribed products, services and subservices. You can easily check if UPC services are running in your building by entering your address below.

How are EAN / UPC barcodes used in the world?

Instantly-recognisable, EAN/UPC barcodes are printed on virtually every consumer product in the world. They are the longest-established and most widely-used of all GS1 barcodes. The EAN/UPC barcode family has transformed the world of retail. See how it works >

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