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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of network techonology?

Types of Network Technology Network Technology based on Transmission. The network technology based on transmission can be done using the two concepts like point-to-point and multipoint. Network Technology based on Scale. The network technology based on the scale can be done using concepts like LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, and VPN. Advantages. ... Disadvantages. ... FAQs. ...

What is information technology and networking?

The Information Technology and Networking (ITN) program prepares students for entry-level information technology positions. The program also provides graduates with the opportunity to acquire industry certifications and the ability to transfer into a four-year institution.

What is networking information?

Networking is not simply an information exchange between you and another person. It involves establishing relationships with people who will often become your friends and community of colleagues as you go through your career. They may be able to help you advance your career in many ways, just as you may be able to help them advance theirs.

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