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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the " network security key "?

Our mobile phones seem to be able to pick up the Extender Wi-Fi network just fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Re:Where do I find the "network security key"? The wireless password for the extender will be the same password of the wireless network it is connected to.

What is the security key on my router?

A WEP key is a security password (key) for WiFi-enabled devices. WPA key is designed to work with all wireless network adapters. The router's network security key is mostly labeled on the hardware, which is marked as the "security key", WPA key","WEP key" or "passphrase."

Is the network security key the same as the password?

But in general, when we are accessing the Internet services from an android phone, the security key will be displayed as the password for activating the services. Thus both are the same but different terminologies are used depending on the makers of the device, kind of the device and network environment that is been deployed.

What happens if I Forget my Network Security Key?

Without the key, you can’t connect to the wireless network. So keeping your network security strong is important. Now it’s pretty common to forget the security key of your wireless network. Most default keys are not easy to remember and you only enter them ones or twice a year.

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