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Frequently Asked Questions

What are computer servers used for?

Servers are used to manage network resources. For example, a user may set up a server to control access to a network, send/receive e-mail, manage print jobs, or host a website. Because they are commonly used to deliver services that are constantly required, most servers are never turned off.

What is server basics?

The Basics of Servers: Their Components and Use. A server can refer to either software of hardware that has been designed to perform special functions thereby increasing the flexibility or capability of information processing and the consequential use of that information.

What are the components of SQL Server?

SQL Server software includes a range of licensed server components, including the SQL Server Database Engine (DB), Master Data Services (MDS), Analysis Services (AS), Integration Services (IS), Reporting Services (RS), and Data Quality Services (DQS). In addition, a number of management components,...

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