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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a network server?

The role of a network server, then, is to provide users with a set of services and access to resources on the network.

How to grant network access to local user?

Please note that all servers in a domain must be passed domain credentials. If the credentials passed are in a different context, then the file servers (member servers) of the domain will attempt to check their local user accounts only. If the credentials do not match, then the user is prompted for valid credentials (or access is not permitted).

How does a network access server ( NAS ) work?

The network access server uses credentials, such as IP addresses or phone numbers, to authenticate users rather than individual usernames and passwords. If the phone number belongs to a valid, active customer — and has specific properties, such as minutes left or long-distance access — the NAS will allow the call to be completed.

Can a Windows Server Essentials user access any computer?

Users can log on to any computer on the network if they have a Windows Server Essentials user account and they have permissions to access a computer. Users access their user accounts with their user name and password. There are two main types of user accounts.

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