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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services does network solutions offer?

Though Network Solutions is most known for its domain registration services, the organization also provides a myriad of web services, including website development, online marketing services, email hosting solutions, and web hosting services.

Is the network solution email solution scalable?

Network Solution’s email solutions are truly scalable to meet the needs of everyone from the sole proprietor to the corporate enterprise and everyone in between.

Is the Network Solutions website a good host?

However, in a sea of hosts with so-called unlimited offerings, Network Solutions seems to be lacking. A free domain from one of the most prevalent registrars is included with most service offerings — but not all. Network Solutions boasts and above-average 99.99% uptime reliability, but nothing else about this host screams WordPress-specific perks.

When did Network Solutions go out of business?

Read on to learn our findings. Established in 1979, Network Solutions was one of the first companies to launch in the DNS registry business. Though it started out as a technology consulting company focused primarily on systems programming services, the company quickly grew and expanded into other areas, IPO-ing in 1997.

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