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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Network 10 change to Network 10?

At 6:30pm on 31 October 2018, the network changed its name to Network 10. The change accompanied a corporate redesign; the first major one since 1991 and the first one since being acquired by CBS Corporation (now known as ViacomCBS ).

When did Network 10 first air in Australia?

In 1965 when TEN-10 Sydney opened, Network 10 was originally known as the Independent Television System with the abbreviation ITS. The logo is similar to the then-West German television network Deutsches Fernsehen. In 1967, ITS became the first network in Australia to air in colour.

When did Network 10 start using the x 10 logo?

On 27 December 1987 after ADS-7 and SAS-10 switched ownerships, ADS-10 began using this logo. On 24 January 1988, kicking off several years of branding upheaval, the first three stations ATV-10, ADS-10, and TEN-10 respectively adopted the X TEN logo.

When did the Network 10 logo turn yellow?

A revision of the 1991 logo with a yellow ring was introduced with the “Give Me Ten” ident campaign in 1995, but the white/silver/metallic ring was reinstated with the network’s 1997 idents. It wasn’t until 1 October 1999 when the ring became yellow permanently, with the "Electric" ident.

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