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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Network 10 in Australia?

The network is owned by Ten Network Holdings, which in-turn is owned by ViacomCBS Networks UK & Australia . As of 2020, Network 10 is the fourth rated television network and primary channel in Australia, behind the Nine Network, Seven Network and ABC TV, but ahead of SBS .

When did Network 10 become a national network?

The network became fully national in 1988 with the launch of NEW-10 in Perth, after the introduction of satellite facilities made it economical for the network to broadcast to Western Australia.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ten Network?

On 15 June 2015, Foxtel (co-owned by News Corp) bought 15% shares in Ten Network Holdings, pending the approval from the ACCC. Prior to the acquisition, Discovery backed out from bidding partnership with Foxtel. In July 2015, Paul Anderson was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer.

When did the ten TV station open in Australia?

TEN-10 in Sydney, which opened on 5 April 1965, was originally owned by United Telecasters Sydney Ltd (UTSL), which also in July that year opened TVQ -0 in Brisbane, Queensland. Also opened later that month was SAS-10, serving the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

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