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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three main network topologies?

The LAN Topology is only one of the parts that make up a LAN Architecture. The Topology refers to the way the components in a network are physically connected and the most com…mon Topologies in Ethernet are: Bus, Token Ring, and Star. There are five: bus, star, ring, mesh and hybrid. Three most common are star, bus and ring.

What are some examples of network topologies?

Examples of network topologies are found in local area networks (LAN), a common computer network installation. Any given node in the LAN has one or more physical links to other devices in the network; graphically mapping these links results in a geometric shape that can be used to describe the physical topology of the network.

What is the most widely used network topology?

A star topology, the most common network topology, is laid out so every node in the network is directly connected to one central hub via coaxial, twisted-pair, or fiber-optic cable.

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