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Frequently Asked Questions

How to collect network Trace via autohealing in azure?

From the Azure Portal ( ), open the Web App on which you want to collect the network trace via Auto-healing. At this point, the Collect-Network-Trace active directory app has ARM permissions to the web app on which network trace need to be collected. Download the CollectNetworkTrace.exe.

Where can I download network trace from Azure App service?

Whenever the specified conditions are met, the Auto-Healing feature of Azure App Service will collect the network trace and you’ll be able to download the Network Trace from the Kudu Console for your app.

Which is the best way to collect a network trace?

A network trace contains the full contents of every message sent by your app. Never post raw network traces from production apps to public forums like GitHub. Fiddler is a powerful tool for collecting HTTP traces. Install it from, launch it, and then run your app and reproduce the issue.

Where do I find app service diagnostics in azure?

App Service diagnostics works for not only your app on Windows, but also apps on Linux/containers, App Service Environment, and Azure Functions. To access App Service diagnostics, navigate to your App Service web app or App Service Environment in the Azure portal. In the left navigation, click on Diagnose and solve problems.

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