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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of System.Net networkinformation?

Provides Internet Protocol (IP) statistical data for an network interface on the local computer. Provides information about network interfaces that support Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). Provides statistical data for a network interface on the local computer.

How to find out information about a network?

Gather information about all computers in a network (e.g. system, CPU, video info, storage details... Check out the list of files shared files that are currently accessed by a user in the local networ... Displays a complete list of ports that are currently opened, alongside detailed information regard...

How are networkinformation interfaces used in a network?

Provides information about the connection a device is using to communicate with the network and provides a means for scripts to be notified if the connection type changes. The NetworkInformation interfaces cannot be instantiated. It is instead accessed through the Navigator interface.

What can I do with the network information namespace?

Network Information Namespace Provides access to network traffic data, network address information, and notification of address changes for the local computer. The namespace also contains classes that implement the Ping utility. You can use Ping and related classes to check whether a computer is reachable across the network.

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