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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the network link do in impdp?

NETWORK_LINK= source_database_link. The NETWORK_LINK parameter initiates an import via a database link. This means that the system to which the impdp client is connected contacts the source database referenced by the source_database_link, retrieves data from it, and writes the data directly to the database on the connected instance.

How to use network link in Oracle expdp?

To use network_link you follow these simple steps: 1 - Create a TNS entry for the foreign database in your tnsnames.ora file. 2 - Test with tnsping. 3 - Create a database link to the foreign database. 4 - Specify the database link as network_link in your expdp or impdp syntax

How does the network link syntax of data pump allow me to export?

Help Wanted! Question: How does the network_link syntax of data pump allow me to export and import between databases? Answer: First, note that expdp and impdp is only one of many options to migrate tables between databases.

Can You import database schema with network link?

With network_link you can import the schema from source database to target database. One advantage of this network_link option you don't need export and import as it does the export and import in single shot from the source to destination.

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