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Frequently Asked Questions

How to capture a network Trace without installing anything?

Capture a Network Trace without installing anything (& capture a network trace of a reboot) 1 Open an elevated command prompt and run: "netsh trace start persistent=yes capture=yes... 2 Reboot the client machine. More ...

How to create a remote network interface trace?

Configure Remote Network Interfaces Trace 1 Start Message Analyzer as indicated in the first procedure of this section. 2 On the Message Analyzer Start Page, click the New Session button to display the New Session dialog. 3 Under Add Data Source in the New Session dialog, click the Live Trace button to display... See More....

Where can I find the local network interfaces trace scenario?

In the Network category of the Select Scenario drop-down list on the ETW Providers toolbar in the New Session dialog, click the Local Network Interfaces Trace Scenario.

How to collect a network trace in Microsoft Edge?

Most browser Developer Tools have a "Network" tab that allows you to capture network activity between the browser and the server. Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Open the DevTools. Select F12; Select Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows/Linux) or Command+Option+I (macOS) Select Settings and more and then More Tools > Developer Tools; Select the Network Tab

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