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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't open "network and sharing center" in Windows 10?

There are multiple ways you can access Network and Sharing Center in Windows 10. Open the Windows Settings app by pressing "Win + I" keys on your keyboard. And navigate to "Network and Internet" settings. Scroll down the status and click the "Network and Sharing Center" link. It will open on a new window.

How to change network from public to home in Windows 10?

Change Windows 10 Network Type Using Windows Settings Go to Control Panel and open it Now go to Network and Internet and open settings Go to HomeGroup and select the homegroup option from the next screen Click on Change Network Location option to open the network window More items...

Where is network sharing?

The Network and Sharing Center window is the main location for nearly all networking operations. To display the Network and Sharing Center window from the Control Panel Home, select View Network Status and Tasks from beneath the Network and Internet heading. From the Control Panel Classic View, open the Network and Sharing Center icon.

How do you enable printer sharing?

Visit the Printers list in the Control Panel, right-click the printer you want to share, and select Printer properties. Click the Sharing tab, enable sharing for the printer, and give it a name. You can also enable printer sharing while setting up a new printer.

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