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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any business networking groups in Portland?

The organization hosts regular networking events, provides volunteer training, and recognizes companies leading the way in social responsibility. This Portland-based Meetup group has nearly 1,800 active members.

What does professional women's network of Oregon do?

By facilitating professional and personal connections among our members, PWNO has formed a dynamic group that appreciates stimulating conversations and intelligent learning.

Which is the best networking group for entrepreneurs?

OEN connects entrepreneurs to a large network of peers and mentors, funding opportunities, and trainings. They host over 100 events each year, which are open to both members and non-members. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur launching your first startup, OEN provides the tools you need to grow your business. 5. Portland Business Alliance

Is there a business for a better Portland?

Launched in 2016, Business for a Better Portland is a new kind of business organization whose members believe that the health and prosperity of businesses depends on the health and prosperity of the community-at-large.

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