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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best social networking site for professionals?

Viadeo offers social networking for professionals, mostly popular in France, but has members from around the world. XING is a European business network with more than 7 million members. Do you have any other social networking sites for business that you use?

Which is the second best social network in the UK?

Bebo: In the United Kingdom, Bebo is the second best social network. Bebo allows users to create social networking profiles for free. It offers many of the same features as other social networking sites. You can register a free account with Bebo and upload photos, videos and information.

Which is the best networking group in the UK?

A highly vetted membership process means the Supper Club brings together some of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs. Contact/ Apply: They primarily run events in London. Ashoka is one of the worlds leading organisations and networks for social entrepreneurs, with in excess of 3,000 fellows worldwide.

Are there any business networks in the UK?

Explore our list of business networks that exist around the UK offering access for business leaders and entrepreneurs to meet, network, gain support and advice As an entrepreneur one of most valuable resources you can possess is an extensive and well-qualified support network.

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