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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best computer network tutorial for beginners?

This Computer Network Tutorial is designed for beginners with no prior experience in Computer networking or Data communication. You will learn basic concepts of Networking and Data communication fundamentals. TCP/IP Model — Layers & Protocol | What is TCP IP Stack? What is VLAN? — Types, Advantages, Example What is ARP?

How long is the Beginners Guide to networking?

Complete beginners guide to networking concepts. Join today In 60 minutes of content including more than 15 lectures, this course covers the basics of networking concepts for complete beginners. Enjoy free bonus videos covering additional topics!

Which is the best video for computer networking?

To get familiar with Windows Server, Microsoft Virtual Academy has created some awesome videos for students who want to get into the Windows Server Computer Networking world.

How is computer networking used in everyday life?

Computer networking is a means by which computers are interconnected to share data and information, resources, and all other network devices such as printers. Computers, as we now know, apply to all fields of endeavors, be it agriculture, education, medicine, technology, transportation, and so on.

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