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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Training Network and what do they do?

The Training Network is a leading distributor of Safety, Management, Technology, and Human Resource training programs, with over 37 years of experience. Our tools and solutions help organizations comply with HR regulations and requirements, including OSHA, DOT, and the EEOC.

Is there a free trial for training network?

Sign up for a free trial to see how Training Network Online can help your organization deliver engaging computer-based training to your employees on any device, wherever they are. Stream anytime and anywhere with Training Network NOW! Try our Video-On-Demand training platform free for 14 days.

Which is the best course to learn networking?

The solution is simple: "Introduction to networking for complete beginners". More than 80.000 students have joined this training! 5000+ reviews. Start today! In this course you will learn elementary networking concepts in 60 minutes.

How long is the Beginners Guide to networking?

Complete beginners guide to networking concepts. Join today In 60 minutes of content including more than 15 lectures, this course covers the basics of networking concepts for complete beginners. Enjoy free bonus videos covering additional topics!

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