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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Nevada called the Silver State?

The Silver State Nevada is referred to as "The Silver State" because of its rich silver resources. Silver was the primary mineral mined in Nevada when it was admitted to the union in 1864. Nevada produced about 30% of all the silver mined in the United States in 1999.

Is Nevada actually becoming a blue state?

"In presidential years, you can call Nevada a blue state, but in midterm years it's still a purple state," Wicker said. "The reason is that a lot of the Democratic voters are less reliable in coming out for midterm elections than they are in presidential elections.".

What is Nevada famous for?

Nevada is famously known for its casinos and world-class entertainment shows. Outside of its two most popular cities, Las Vegas and Reno, the state is famous for its beautiful scenic desert landscapes.

How many US Representatives does Nevada have?

Nevada. Nevada is a U.S. state with two senators in the United States Senate and four representatives in the United States House of Representatives.

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