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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dave Chappelle a conservative?

Comedian Dave Chappelle is no conservative, but lately he’s finding his politically incorrect brand of humor is not making some liberals roll in the aisles laughing, while conservative culture observers are cheering him.

Where does Dave Chappelle currently live?

Dave Chappelle's House. Welcome to the home of Dave Chappelle. Located just southwest of Yellow Springs, Ohio, Chappelle has lived here since purchasing the property in January of 2005, shortly before the third season of The Chappelle Show was slated to air.

How much did Dave Chappelle make on Netflix?

How a lot did Dave Chappelle receives a commission from Netflix for his particular? Dave Chappelle reportedly made $24.1million from his particular that premiered on Netflix on October 6, in keeping with an worker who leaked the payroll info, studies New York Put up.

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