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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major cities in New South Wales?

Map of New South Wales. The major cities of New South Wales shown in the map are: Armidale, Lismore, Cobar, Louth, Barnato, Hillston, Orange, Sydney, and Wollongong. Canberra, which is the Capital of the country is enclaved within New South Wales. It houses all the important government buildings.

What are the demographics of New South Wales?

New South Wales Demographics. The most common ancestries in New South Wales are: Australian: 25.0%. English: 24.2%. Irish: 7.4%. Scottish: 6.0%. Chinese: 4.3% About 20% of people in New South Wales were born outside of Australia, while less than 3% are indigenous.

What is the currency of New South Wales?

A New South Wales "holey dollar", the first distinct currency of Australia. Holey dollar is the name given to coins used in the early history of two British settlements: Prince Edward Island (now part of Canada) and New South Wales (now part of Australia).

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