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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of the Newport company?

Newport in a nutshell from our CEO, Kevin Poole. Your Newport Partner will have deep, C-level operating experience and will collaborate with other Newport partners so you make the right decisions, faster. The relationship typically lasts for years as your Newport ally and sounding board helps you realize your vision faster.

What makes Newport a good business advisor company?

Newport has partnered with thousands of companies. We create value by serving as Board Directors, CEO advisors, and fractional executives. Our Value Acceleration Program delivers proven results. What’s different about Newport is that we have hands-on ‘in the trenches’ experience founding, growing, operating and selling businesses.

Who are Newport Partners and what do they do?

Newport Partners have deep functional and industry competency that you can trust. We are highly experienced C-level executives who roll up our sleeves and focus on your business. We partner with select professionals – private equity & venture capital firms, investment banks, wealth managers, attorneys, and accounting firms.

Is it hard to work with Newport LLC?

"Newport is in a league of its own when it comes to strategy, growth, and business development. It's hard as an entrepreneur to work with consultants because we have very specific needs and can't afford broad based engagements.

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