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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the cottages at Newport dunes?

Bring sleeping bags and pillows for a campout up there. You could fit at least 4 to 6 kid size sleepers up there. Cottages have a kitchen with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, and basic pots & pans, as well as dishes and mugs. I don’t know why you’d use it, but there is also a TV and DVD player.

Where to eat at Newport dunes waterfront resort?

Conveniently located restaurants include Wilma's Patio Restaurant, SOL Mexican Cocina, and Dad's Donut Shop & Bakery. See all nearby restaurants. Are there opportunities to exercise at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina?

What to do with kids at Newport dunes?

Kids can run wild on the beach in front of the cottages. The resort is set up perfectly for walks, strolls, and surrey rides to the on-site Village Center market for supplies and entertainment – and a huge assortment of ice cream treats.

Where is the Newport dunes in Newport Beach?

The resort is in a choice location one block off PCH & Jamboree in Newport Beach. The Azn apps were pretty good, and the staff was friendly and efficient. Lastly, the staff wore masks and stayed behind the plastic barriers to serve food.

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