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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to stay when camping at Newport dunes?

We camped at Newport Dunes Waterfront RV Resort in a Motorhome. Back bay bistro is pretty good and a nice walk around the bay. The restaurant at the hotel next door was good too. But you're in Newport there are tons of good restaurants and things to do in the area. Plus it's only 20 minutes away from Disneyland.

Where are the RV parks in Newport Beach?

Newport Dunes Waterfront RV Resort in Newport Beach California is a RV park or campground located within a mountainous area. The campground or RV park may be situated on the side of the mountain or their may be mountains around. If you require some elevation variation in your camping destination this park might be a good choice.

How big is the beach at Newport dunes?

With over 110 acres of golden beach and shimmering gentle waves, Newport Dunes is the ultimate destination for a laid-back luxury vacation experience. The luxury waterfront beach resort features beachfront cottages and RV glamping, with family-friendly activities and luxury amenities.

Is there a dump station at Newport dunes?

Newport Dunes Waterfront RV Resort in Newport Beach California is a campground or RV park that has a dump station for draining sewage tanks. Our information, reviews or photos suggest that this spot has a dump station available.

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