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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Newport dunes waterfront RV resort helpful?

Nice place but wow expensive We camped at Newport Dunes Waterfront RV Resort in a Tent Trailer. Marking Reviews as helpful makes sure you and other members see the best reviews more often. Was this review helpful? Not at all what we expected.

Where is the Newport dunes in Newport Beach?

The resort is in a choice location one block off PCH & Jamboree in Newport Beach. The Azn apps were pretty good, and the staff was friendly and efficient. Lastly, the staff wore masks and stayed behind the plastic barriers to serve food.

Are there any problems at Newport dunes Marina?

Start your review of Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina. The internet has been upgraded to 5Ghz this past Spring. Thank you! The only problems now is the poor ventilation in the bathrooms and the fact they do not sweep up the dust and sand on the roads.

How big are the trailers at Newport dunes?

Navigating the 30'+ trailer into a spot was a real chore given the tight streets and cars parked in the travel lanes. Clearly the site wasn't built for these mega trailers in mind. Trailer parking is on dirt pads rather than concrete and ours was muddy from the neighbor's A/C runoff.

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