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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to see the whales in Newport Bay?

With one the largest marine protected parks just outside of Newport Bay, whales and dolphin of all types can be viewed as soon as you leave the bay. Newport Whales offers some of the best whale watching California has to offer! Along with our California whale watching guide check out our Long Beach whale watching guide.

Where is the Newport dunes in Newport Beach?

The resort is in a choice location one block off PCH & Jamboree in Newport Beach. The Azn apps were pretty good, and the staff was friendly and efficient. Lastly, the staff wore masks and stayed behind the plastic barriers to serve food.

How long has Newport dunes been a marina?

"For over 60 years, Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina has been a leader and partner in the community and the tourism industry. Now we find ourselves facing a health crisis together. The health, wellness, and experience of our guests and community remain our top prio…"

What to do on Balboa Island in Newport?

Balboa Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruises -A Must Do! Their 2-2.5-hour whale watching and dolphin cruises are offered several times daily with Newport Landing Whale Watching. They also offer several types of whale watches. See Giant Blue whales, humpback whales, mega pods of dolphin and much more. Balboa Island Special has prices from $20 a person!

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