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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services of the Newport Group?

The Newport Group expands service offerings to non-qualified plans, BOLI/ COLI, and fiduciary consulting. DailyAccess expands service offerings to health and welfare and investment advisory services. Rebranded as Verisight, a unified, fully integrated company offering a wide array of retirement services.

Who is Newport Group Securities, Inc.and what does it do?

When offering variable insurance products, Newport Group Securities, Inc. acts solely in its capacity as a broker-dealer. Trust and custody services provided by Newport Trust Company, a New Hampshire state chartered trust company and wholly owned subsidiary of Newport Group, Inc.

Who is Newport Trust Company and what do they do?

Newport Trust Company formed, offering our clients non-discretionary, directed trustee and custodial services. Pension Specialists, Inc. is founded in California.

Is the Evercore Trust Company part of Newport Group?

Acquisition of Evercore Trust Company’s institutional trust and independent fiduciary business, now part of Newport Trust Company. The Newport Group, DailyAccess, and Verisight rebrand as one retirement, insurance and consulting services provider: Newport.

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