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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Newport Financial a good retirement plan provider?

At Newport, we recognize that one size does not fit all. That is why we believe our collaborative approach is so important. Newport is more than a recordkeeper, more than an investment firm and more than a specialty boutique provider. We are a full-service provider.

Which is cheaper Newport Group or Newport Group?

Newport Group must be cheaper than the former group, because there apparently is no one there. I've been on hold for 59 minutes and counting with no estimate in site of getting anyone to help me. Bad enough there was no communication of the change of administrators.

Who are Newport Group Securities and Newport Group consulting?

Newport Group Securities, Inc. and Newport Group Consulting, LLC are affiliates of Newport Group, Inc. All securities transactions are provided through Newport Group Securities, Inc., in its role as broker-dealer. All fiduciary consulting services are provided through the registered investment advisers.

Who is Newport Trust Company and what do they do?

Newport Institutional Trustee Services are offered through Newport Trust Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Newport Group, Inc. Newport Trust maintains the necessary separation and appropriate controls to safeguard client information and satisfy applicable regulatory requirements. Click here to start the conversation with Newport .

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