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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the train station attack in Perth?

A teenage boy has been seriously injured in an alleged hammer attack at a train station in Perth's north today. Western Sydney hospitals swamped with 200 daily COVID-19 cases; ACT records 14 new cases; Victoria blames young people for virus spread; Limited new freedoms for vaccinated in Sydney

Where was the plane fire in Perth Australia?

Two men have been injured and a plane completely destroyed after a fire erupted at an airport hangar in Perth's south. fires 9:03pm Aug 18, 2021 Breaking news and updates Australia: August 18, 2021

Who is fighting for life in hospital in Perth?

A Perth soccer player is fighting for life in hospital after an alleged coward's punch. NSW reports 1480 new cases, nine deaths with virus; Victoria has 221 new cases, most regions to exit lockdown; Fines at Melbourne synagogue; NSW Premier defends claims state got more vaccines

How is the built environment affecting Perth WA?

A Perth mother fears her son’s life is at risk after a hospital delay led to the approval of his “life-changing” cannabis oil prescription not being renewed. The built environment makes up 23 per cent of emissions, half of that from homes. Here are ways to reduce it.

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