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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best news site?

Most Popular News Websites In The World 2021 Google News. Google News is the most famous news site. ... Yahoo News. Yahoo News is another popular news aggregator/website and launched in 1996. ... CNN News. ... BBC News. ... New York Times. ... The Guardian. ... Mail Online (DailyMail) Mail Online is also known as the Daily Mail. ... The Washington Post. ... IndiaTimes. ... Huffington Post. ... More items...

What is the best news source?

The most trusted news source in the U.S. is the Economist — a venerable weekly magazine published in the U.K. — according, at least, to a recent survey conducted by the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute.

What are the best free news sources?

What are the Best Free News Sources? BBC News. For global updates on politics, current affairs, sports, and entertainment, you can trust BBC News ( to feature accurate information in real time. Google News. ... Reddit. ... Reuters. ... Wiki News. ... ... ...

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