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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newsweek politically biased?

Newsweek’s digital and published articles do not show a bias as such and are directed more towards the business community and details concerning business, science and culture. If there is a bias it would beg towards traditional christian values rather than political critique.

Is Newsweek a credible source?

Generally, story selection favors the Left and Newsweek takes a strong anti-Trump stance. Newsweek typically sources their information to credible sources such as the Washington Post, but has also published misleading or false information.

Is Newsweek left or right leaning?

Answer Wiki. Newsweek does not have a conservative or right wing bias. If anything, it is a left leaning bias but it isn’t a high level of bias. What we often leave out of the conversation about media is that most of it, regardless of skewing right or left, is owned by corporations.

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