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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a discount on Newsweek magazine?

Limited Time Offer: Newsweek Magazine Subscription are provided on huge discounts at Magsstore with additional benefits, subscribe before this offer expires. Free shipping within USA. No international delivery. Newsweek Magazine Subscription | Best price coupon code to get up to 87% discount subscription and renewal online at Magsstore.

Can you cancel a subscription to Newsweek magazine?

Yes you can. You can cancel your Newsweek magazine subscription anytime but we refund the entire amount if order is cancelled within 7 days of the order date. Please write to us on [email protected] – please mention your order number, full name and delivery address to help us to get your order cancelled.

How often does the Newsweek magazine come out?

Newsweek Magazine is published 50 times a year, so first copy of Newsweek magazine is expected to arrive in approximately 4-6 weeks. Your order is processed by within 24 hrs of receipt of the order and the money and all order details are shared with the respective publisher.

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