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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find old Newsweek magazine articles?

com provides archives of old "[&Newsweek&]" [&articles&] as far back as 1995. Note, however, that some of these websites, including, are subscription services, so you might not be able to [&read&] the [&article&] in its entirety without [&paying&] for it.

How big is the archive of Newsweek magazine?

Newsweek, Inc. Newspaper and magazine clippings, government reports, annual reports, reporters' files, and ephemera comprise the Newsweek Magazine Research Archive, 1933-1996. Newsweek, Inc. donated its research archive of approximately 3000 linear feet to the Center for American History in 2001.

When did the first Newsweek magazine come out?

In 1933, concurrent with the magazine's birth, Newsweek staff began clipping and gathering newspaper and magazine articles, government reports, annual reports, reporter's files, and ephemera. A variety of sources are represented in the archive for the 63-year clipping period.

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