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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the " supernatural creature " on the bridge?

A viral video allegedly showing a "supernatural creature" on a bridge in the Hazaribagh district of the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand was reported to be that of a naked woman walking on a highway in another area.

What did they call the creature on the bridge in India?

Some have called it a “supernatural creature,” Newsweek reported, saying it was spotted near the Chadwa dam. Arvind Chauhan, a journalist at The Times of India, tweeted, “Video of the alien or ‘supernatural creature’ spotted in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.” According to Newsweek, some people in the video referred to the creature as a “witch.”

What kind of creature is walking on Bridge?

According to Newsweek, some people in the video referred to the creature as a “witch.” One Twitter user shared the video on May 29, 2021, and wrote, “People are assuming it to be an Alien and it actually could be, keenly observe the 13th second of the video, A red Lapros wing UFO flying with jangling sound.

Where was the video of the supernatural creature filmed?

Sharing a screenshot of the properties of the video, Deepak confirmed to Alt News that the incident occurred on the evening of April 27. Alt News reported the metadata confirmed the footage was shot at 7:40 p.m. local time on National Highway 75 in Ichinda, a village in Jharkhand, on April 27.

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