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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Newton County school system so special?

We support the Newton County School System’s goal of providing educational excellence for all. Newton High School is a special place built upon a legacy of excellence. Academically, our students excel, becoming award winning scholars who are well rounded and prepared for the future.

When does the Newton County School District open?

It is the mission of the Newton County School District to Pursue Perfection in providing a challenging education, as well as developmental guidance for all students. Enrollment now open for 2021-2022 school year.

Who are the nurses at Newton County School?

Mrs. Patty Gibson, School Nurse 601-635-2325 Mr. Ray Thomas, Transportation 601-635-2148 Close cooperation between the home and school is essential to promote the best interests of your child.

What kind of school is Newton High School?

Newton High School is also home to the Academy of Liberal Arts at Newton High School (ALANHS), which provides a structure to expose students to a variety of Humanities, World Languages, Fine Arts and Social Science courses specifically designed to prepare them for the rigor demonstrated at the collegiate level.

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