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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the account number on a check?

Look at a check. Your account number (usually 10 digits) is specific to your personal account. It's the second set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks, just to the right of the bank routing number.

How do you Find Your Navy Federal account number?

In the app go to the account. click the account you want the whole # for, once that opens click the light blue circle with the arrow in it, you’ll see the last 4 of the account # and next to that it’ll have the word show as a blue hyperlink, click that and your full account # will appear.

Where to find Navy Federal account number?

Know Your Routing Number. In addition to locating your Navy Federal routing number on the company’s website, you can also find it on the Navy Federal Credit Union app, or on your checking account’s checks and deposit slips. The routing number is always the first set of numbers at the bottom left-hand corner of your checks and deposit slips.

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