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Frequently Asked Questions

When do bye weeks start in NFL?

In American football, a "bye" is when a team does not have a game during a given week in the course of the regular season. The NFL uses byes to extend the regular season to 17 weeks. Bye weeks typically occur between the fourth and 12th week of the season.

When will the NFL schedule be released?

The schedule is normally released in either the second or third week of April , but 2020 saw the schedule release delayed by a month, and a similar delay will occur in 2021. The 2021 NFL schedule will be released on May 12th at 8 PM ET. In past years, the teams have begun to release parts of their schedule around 7:30 PM ET.

What is the NFL game of the week?

The NFL Films Game of the Week, formerly known as the NFL Game of the Week, was a television program that aired from 1965 to 2007. The show presented one or two NFL games from the previous week compressed into a one-hour program. 1 Format.

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