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Frequently Asked Questions

What to know when buying a house in New Hampshire?

As soon as both parties have signed the agreement, the contract will be legally binding. New Hampshire is, at large, a “buyer beware” state. Sellers are only legally required to disclose information about the residence’s water supply system, private sewage disposal system, insulation, and the possible presence of certain toxic materials.

What is the seller's property disclosure statement in NH?

Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement ( § 477:4-d )– The seller is required to attach the property disclosure statement to the purchase agreement and inform the buyer of the following:

How much does land cost in New Hampshire?

The average price of land listings and ranches for sale in New Hampshire is $469,118. Not a big farming economy, New Hampshire's maple harvest is its biggest export relative to national averages (5.5 percent). New Hampshire is one of the country's smallest states in terms of size, covering 9,351 square miles (6 million acres).

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