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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a niche in biology?

In biology or ecology, a niche is a specialized area in which evolution optimizes certain species for. Some examples are predator, grazer, hunter-gatherer, scavenger, and parasite. Examples of animals occupying those niches are lion, deer, human, vulture, and roundworm.

What does niche mean in ecological biology?

The term niche, when used in the science of ecological biology, is used to define an organism's role in an ecosystem. Not only does its niche include the environment that a given organism lives in,...

What does a niche refer to in science?

A niche refers to the way in which an organism fits into an ecological community or ecosystem. Through the process of natural selection, a niche is the evolutionary result of a species morphological (morphology refers to an organisms physical structure), physiological, and behavioral adaptations to its surroundings.

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