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Frequently Asked Questions

Does niche give scholarships?

Niche has specific scholarships for high school students. High school students of all grade levels are able to apply to win a $500 scholarship. This is the same as the other essays. It does not have any additional requirements. Undergraduate, Graduate, and Community College students are also awarded $500.

What is a no Essay Scholarship?

Basically, a no essay scholarship entails the following: the donor company takes your information (such as your email, home address, and scholarly interests) and passes it around to various retailers and institutions (typically colleges that want your tuition or retailers that want to sell you a beanbag chair for your dorm room).

What is a niche scholarship?

NICHE Scholarships. NICHE Scholarships are offered every month throughout the year and are open to all high school students and college students. One scholarship is offered every month.

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