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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ZIP code for rental property in Nicholasville Ky?

Prices for rental property include ZIP code 40356 apartments, townhouses, and homes that are primary residences. For more information, see Nicholasville, KY home values. The median household income of $49,537 is compared to the rest of the country.

Where is the city of Nicholasville Kentucky?

Location in the United States. Nicholasville is a home rule city in Jessamine County, Kentucky, United States. It is the seat of its county. The population was 28,015 during the 2010 U.S. Census, making Nicholasville the 11th-largest settlement in the state.

What is the weather like in nichnicholasville?

Nicholasville is in the northern periphery of the humid subtropical climate zone, with hot and humid summers, cool winters, and occasional mild periods, especially in autumn.

What is the history of nichnicholasville?

Nicholasville was founded in 1798 and incorporated in 1837. The town was named in honor of Colonel George Nicholas, a father of the Kentucky Constitution in 1792.

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