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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the most watched cable news channels in July?

MSNBC and CNN saw July ratings victories in the dayside hours of 9-5 p.m. ET while Fox News was the most-watched cable news channel, according to Nielsen Media Research.

What are the most watched TV shows on MSNBC?

On MSNBC, “Deadline: White House” with Nicolle Wallace at 4 p.m. ET was No. 1 in total viewers across all of cable news for the second straight month, averaging 2 million viewers and edging out Fox News’ 1,700,000 and CNN’s 1,400,000 million.

How does CNN compare to Fox News and MSNBC?

Fox News had 2,000,000 and CNN brought in 1,100,000 in the same slot. Of all three major cable news network, CNN saw the most year-over-year growth in both total viewers and demo viewers, growing 79% in total day and 94% in the demo. Fox News grew 19% in total and 17% in the demo while MSNBC saw total growth of 41%, with a 39% increase in the demo.

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