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Frequently Asked Questions

Which race for Nightblade?

The Khajiit is the perfect race for the Magicka Nightblade, as it gives you extra critical damage and better sustain, both of which heavily suit the class. Khajiit passives give you an extra 915 to your health, stamina, and Magicka resources, along with bonus recovery for each resource (100 health recovery, 85 recovery for stamina/Magicka).

What are the skills in Elder Scrolls Online?

Search Results. Skills. In Elder Scrolls Online there are 3 different types of skills: Ultimate Abilities, Active Abilities and Passive Abilities. As the game aims to give build flexibility to the player, skills are determined by several factors: Race, Class, Weapon, Guild, Alliance and World.

Does Elder Scrolls Online have guilds?

Guild store. In Elder Scrolls Online there is no general economy model. Instead, the developers decided to introduce auctions within guilds. Since you have access to the maximum of five guilds, at a time, the game offers you five different auctions . the effectiveness of the guild store depends on the number of players in that guild.

What are the Elder Scrolls in Oblivion?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an action role-playing game featuring a massive open-world. The Elder Scrolls is an iconic fantasy setting that’s served as the backdrop for numerous video games, including three modern 3D action RPGs, an MMORPG and a collectible card game.

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