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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike Cortez good shoes for running?

The sign of a good shoe is that it has all three of these characteristics; It's comfortable, stylish, and most importantly it's affordable. Having received its initial claim to fame by being featured in the movie Forrest Gump, the Nike Cortez makes the cut. First released in 1972 the Cortez was designed to be the ideal running shoe.

Do Nike ethically produce shoes?

Does Nike ethically produce shoes? December 3, 2019. The short answer is "yes," they do. The long answer is, it's not easy. There is some irony to Nike's ethical production issue, being that Nike takes all the heat from larger companies while they have one of the best records.

Which Nike shoes are best for running?

One of series is Lunarglide. Well, Nike Lunarglide 8 is the top choice for men to do running. It is also one of the best Nike running shoes for men. Nike uses high-grade materials to enhance the shoes capability and durability.

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