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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Jacs New Jersey Superior Court?

As outlined in the Judiciary Account Charge System Participation Agreement, participants agree not to cancel an ACH transaction or initiate an ACH reversal once a transaction is completed in the JACS application. Use the "Contact Us" function in JACS or email [email protected] to resolve any disputes.

Do You need A JACS account to file in Ecourts?

Attorneys must have an active JACS account to file in eCourts, upload documents into the Judiciary Electronic Document Submission system, and use the electronic access program to access case information. Use bar ID to register for JACS. You will need your law firm ID to use JACS for eCourts filing.

How to transfer A JACS account in New Jersey?

To make a transfer between accounts, use the "Contact Us" button on any JACS page or [email protected] You can also contact the Judiciary call center at 609-421-6100 during business hours. Each JACS account can have up to six users, including the JACS account administrator for your firm.

How does judiciary account charge system ( Jacs ) work?

The Judiciary Account Charge System (“JACS”) enables a participant (herein defined as an individual or business entity, by and through its authorized representative) to electronically create, access, and manage one or more charge accounts (“account(s)”) which may be used to pay fees imposed by the New Jersey Judiciary (“Judiciary”).

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