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Frequently Asked Questions

Are New Jersey courts open?

State Courts are Closed Today: Many Municipal Courts Remain Open. The public and litigants should be aware that The Chief Justice’s order does not apply to the Municipal Courts in New Jersey. The municipal courts that are scheduled to be open today must make their own determination whether to close or remain open.

Is there a bankruptcy court in New Jersey?

New Jersey Bankruptcy Court Locations. The New Jersey bankruptcy court has three divisions, each with a separate courthouse. You’ll file your bankruptcy case at the courthouse that serves your county.

What are the courts in New Jersey?

The trial court system in the state of New Jersey is made up of the Superior Courts, Municipal Courts and Tax Courts. The Superior Courts exercises its jurisdiction over most of the criminal and civil cases but handles only the ones that do not fall under other courts' jurisdiction.

What is New Jersey court system?

New Jersey Court System. The Judiciary, or justice system, is one of the three co-equal but independent branches of state government established in New Jersey by the 1947 state constitution. Courts are a very visible part of our legal system.

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