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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the numbers in the New Jersey Lottery linked to lottery?

These numbers are provided for entertainment purposes only. The numbers provided are not connected to any official New Jersey Lottery or Multistate Lottery drawing.

How do I play pick 6 in NJ Lottery?

Jersey’s original jackpot game. Purchase your Pick-6 tickets prior to 10:53 pm on Monday & Thursday for the drawing. Add XTRA to increase your non-jackpot prizes and win $2 for matching two numbers. 1 Each Pick-6 play costs $1.00 each. 2 Pick six (6) numbers between 1-49.

Where can I find New Jersey (NJ) Jersey Cash 5 lottery results?

Lottery Post is proud to bring you complete game information for New Jersey (NJ) Jersey Cash 5, including the latest lottery drawing results, as well as jackpot prize amounts and past winning numbers. Lottery Post has the quickest and most accurate online lottery results for the USA, all states, and around the world.

What are the drawing times for New Jersey Lottery?

New Jersey Lottery Drawing Schedule Game Sun Mon Tue Wed Pick 6 10:57 PM Cash4Life 9:00 PM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM 9:00 PM Powerball 10:59 PM Mega Millions 11:00 PM 5 more rows ...

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